the origin stories


Gift of the Gods - Introduction

 Takkala was a strong warrior who won every battle he fought.  He was half soul, and half god. He stood at the lead of the souls who wanted to live in the glory of their Sun-father.  They were on the trail of light near the threshold from the Underworld to the world between the earth and sky - the empty space separating the Underworld from the heavens.  But all battles to that point amounted to little. They were battles with the lesser souls and formless spirits who did not want them to leave.  But soon after, the Underworld gods Dekha the soul-herder, Gormean the dream weaver, and Salihandron the death escort--the first-born god of the Underworld and the transformer of light--as well as the Guardian of the deep, challenged him and the souls on their march. 

First they encountered Dekha the soul-herder.  She stood as a glistening giant, and struck down an enormous goat-staff before them, but Takkala grabbed the staff pulling off Dekha’s arm, and the flesh of the arm bled onto the souls, and gave them form.  Gormean the dream weaver took the shape of a pretty woman so as to part him from his people, but Takkala saw her pupil-less eyes and knew not to be fooled.  He did not follow her, but instead kissed her in front of his people so that they may see his action, and in doing so stole the dream of the world above, making it real.  But as we know, Gormean did not wholly dislike the kiss, and deciding against revenge, instead sneaks up to our world every night in hopes of reminding us of the Underworld we had left.   Sailihandron was third.  He was not the death escort before his battle with Takkala, but he was the air.  He blew, like a storm, souls from all corners of the Underworld to block the exit. But now having form, the people behind Takkala took in a deep breath, and blew the souls out into the world between the earth and sky.  These souls became the plants and animals. Salihandron was furious, but Takkala tore at the walls and with the pieces he tore, he made wings, and all of the Original People did the same and they flew on Salidandron’s fury.  Takkala took a mighty breath with his new lungs and forced Salihandron back. 

Salihandron relented and agreed to let the people explore the world beyond the exit, but revealed that their forms would not live there forever.  The world between the earth and sky may have form, but such forms will be pulled by the heavens and Underworld until they fall apart to dust.  While they were alive, they would no longer be able to return to the Underworld.  He would forever blow his wind through the exit to keep the people out, and this exit is what we know as the Wind Cave.  But in his eagerness for the souls to return to their home, he agreed that he would escort the souls of the dead back to the Underworld.  The people did not mind because they did not yet know mortal life.

In the world between the earth and sky, the people found endless beauty.  In the balance and tension of the immortal power of the gods, between the sublime but stark heavens and the complex hoary Underworld, transient life existed.

No one god could have imagined our world. We live within a gift of them all.