Letter From the translator



 A last cozy remnant of my mortal mind visits me now.  These sentences may be the only ones remaining in me.  I am almost gone.  So, I focus, and breathe the last of these thoughts to speak directly to you.  When I started this endeavor, I certainly would not have allowed myself to write this letter, but as a little girl, neither would I have easily adopted the perspective of another who was not of my mind.  All that is going now, and so I can disagree with myself and watch me do it, holding myself in judgement the entire spell, and yet understand that there are more than my biases to guide me.

Increasingly my words read as riddles, yet I--at least I--know they are not.  

My attentiveness meanders. 

This is a true story.  As true as the stars and soil.  Yet, for me, everything is true, now, or should I say I am beginning to see what it means that soon I will understand everything is true in a way greater than I had, and even do now.  How can I explain except to say with an overly simplistic allowance that everything is which is possible?

The protagonist Giels asked me to tell his story and asked me to do so for people far away.  He did not actually say this, but he asked nonetheless.  Perhaps I overshot but, if I did, it was because, as for him, the people in my sphere would rather I not tell it.  They did not actually say that but if I explained why they did not need to than I would wrap these words around and in and upon themselves until they might form a beautiful animal--not with their content, but within the shapes of their lines.  In essence, though, their reasons are the same.  

But you, who within a dark, very dark, night’s sky could see our sun, might enjoy it, I believe.  This story is far from your experience, yet, I think there is much that will be familiar; the themes; the characters; the vicissitudes.   As the translator, I did my best, with what is remaining of my narrative mind, to convey the words as well as translate the reality into one which you could relate.   No need to concern yourself as to whether you are receiving the full story--as I had written, everything is true, and I even added the parts that Giels was not there to experience for himself.

I am finished, yet the story shall pass through another translation by way of how I will dispatch it to you.  My options number in the billions, and if you are reading this, then my choice was adequate, but if you finish it, then I hope, I truly hope, I will somehow find a way to smile at that.

With eternal love,